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"Lacie is a joy to work with. She is very intelligent and quickly learned how I needed things. There are not a lot of people whom I would give a project and know that it will be done right, but she is definitely at the top of the list. Several times she has caught things that I missed and saved me some grief or embarrassment. It is hard to find people who will take personal responsibility for their work, but she is definitely someone who does and takes pride in the services that she provides."

- Shaun Axton, P.L.S., R.P.L.S., Mark Deal & Associates, P.C.


"When work gets busy and we need a hand, Lacie is there to help us keep up.  It's really nice to have someone to fall back on in order to keep busy times manageable."

- Elite Surveying Company


"Lacie has been a reliable resource for my business. She has provided the support I needed to save me time and keep my clients happy."

- Josh McGinn, R.P.L.S., South Point Surveying, PLLC

Need drafting help?

Land surveying is joined at the hip with the real estate market.

If you work in the surveying industry, you are familiar with the feast and famines that accompany real estate booms.

You are also familiar with the issues of bidding jobs, and never knowing when a bid will be accepted – or if it will be accepted.

Managing your work can get very difficult very fast when bids that you made months ago get approved. Your client will surely want you to honor that bid and time quote.

I can’t help you get the field work done, but I can help you get the drafting done, the right way.

You probably have many outdated bids out there… its inevitable that some will be awarded to you.

Contact me today to get set up now – so that later when that unexpected work comes in, we’ll be ready.

ALTA Surveys

ALTA Survey
I can take an ALTA Survey from points to completion, including addressing schedule BII, encroachment notes, and boundary resolution.

Contact me for more information and to find out how I can support your team.